COVID-19 Protocols For Research

Research during UCSB Stage 3 Ramp-up during COVID-19:
Good news! The University of California Santa Barbara's Office of Research has approved the UCSB Natural Reserve System's Covid19 Stage 3 Ramp-up Plan. 
Approval of this plan allows UCSB NRS Reserve Directors to resume managing research use through RAMS. The plan allows for both day use of Reserves and overnight use (with limited capacity) of those UCSB NRS sites with housing, by researchers only (no class use, no public use, and no undergraduate use during Stage 3). 
At the Santa Cruz Island Reserve, we hope to ramp up ongoing research projects this summer. Our capacity for overnight use has been reduced to a maximum of 12 people to reduce congestion in shared spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms; maximum capacity for each room will be one researcher. Everyone is required to wear a face mask when on site and communal areas will be limited to one person at a time.  Staff will work with groups to schedule use of kitchen facilities. Vehicle capacity will also be limited so as to maintain social distancing during travel.  
As of July 1, we will also be changing the rates that we charge in order to reflect the reduced capacity during COVID-19.  I will follow up with these changed rates once they are approved, but they will be significantly higher than our previous rates.
Here is the process you'll need to follow to make a research trip to Santa Cruz Island starting June 18, 2020:
           1. Thoroughly fill out and submit a RAMS reservation request;

           2. Fill out the COVID-19 Google Formthat includes a detailed safety plan for your field methods;  


Make sure that you and everyone listed on your reservation or participating on your research team

3. Fills out an online UC NRS liability waiver;          

4. Reviews the UCSB OR COVID-19 Safety Presentation;            

5. Reviews and acknowledges SCIR’s Stage 3 Reopening Plan; 

6. Reviews the Santa Cruz Island Reserve's rules and safety guidelines;

7. Enrolls in a self-reporting health app/survey provided by your employer (for UCSB users, please use the UCSB Daily Wellness Check);

for non-UCSB users, please include your self-reporting health app/survey info in the Google Form that you fill out in step 2.


The Stage 3 research use approval process begins with the receipt of steps 1 & 2 above. An ad-hoc committee of NRS Directors will meet as needed to review use requests. We have been directed to prioritize those that present low risk and can be managed by existing staff and those that fit into the UCSB Office of Research criteria for Stage 3
We will contact you via email if there are complications with your request or insufficient information about your plans (COVID-19 safety, field safety/operational plan, and contingency plan (if someone in your group is symptomatic for COVID-19 while on the island)). I encourage you to give us detailed plans for how you will work safely in team situations, as these will be the hardest use requests to approve. Please also carefully review the Medical Evacuation component of the SCIR safety plan.
 I also highly encourage you to reach out to me by email ( or phone (805-550-5341) to discuss specifics of your proposed trip, research, and scheduling needs.
All the best and I look forward to beginning research at the SCIR this summer!
Dr. Jay Reti