Emergency & Medical Information

There are no medical facilities on the island.

If you have specific medical needs, make sure to bring a supply of your medicine.
Anyone with allergies, to anything such as yellow jackets or anyone with an asthmatic condition, bring your medication with you and keep it on your person while visiting at all times. Please notify Reserve staff of any medical concerns for you or anyone in your group.
If you are diabetic, please notify Reserve staff upon your arrival and carry your medicine on your person at all times while visiting.
If you have any medical concerns, check with your doctor before coming to the island.

Print out emergency contact list before arrival.

Emergency Contact Information

Less than Life-Threatening Emergencies

Life Threatening & Severe Medical Emergencies

1) Island Office UCSB Reserve Manager
Dr. Lyndal Laughrin
(805) 448-3491 Cell
(805) 893-7247 Office
Park Radio # 945

2) TNC Ranch Manager
David Dewey (805) 319-8278 Cell
Park Radio # 942

3) National Park Ventura
(805) 658-5720
Wild Fires Call Here First



Emergency Contact-Life Threatening Emergency


Channel Islands National Park Dispatch-7 days/week, 8AM-4:30PM

Radio: call sign = 700

Phone: 805-658-5720

Sequoia National Park Dispatch-7 days/week, 24 hrs/

Radio: call sign = “SEQUOIA”

then say which repeater you are on

                                                   Phone: 559-565-4221


Life Threatening & Severe Medical Emergencies (Additional Contacts)

1) Santa Barbara Sheriff Office                                       
(805) 683-2724

2) Dr. Lyndal Laughrin                           
Island Office
UCSB Reserve Manager    
(805) 448-3491                                             
(805) 893-7247 Office

3) David Dewey                                                                    
TNC Ranch Manager

(805) 319-8278 Cell                                                             
Park Radio # 942