Apply for Research on SCIR

Fennel Monitoring

Fennel monitoring with Whittier College class.

researcher holding blue jay

You must file a separate application for each project.  Each project must be accompanied with a separate reservation for each visit to Santa Cruz Island Reserve.
Research projects: Each researcher to the reserve must sign two liability waivers, one for UC and one for TNC. If you have more than one research project, a separate application must be filed for each project. It is important to indicate on the application the approximate duration of the proposed research project. Approved applications are valid for one field season only (from date of approval through June 30) but may be renewed annually.  If you are renewing an application, please be sure to update the project duration dates to remain current.

Log into the Reserve Application Management System (RAMS) and create a new account or use your existing account to create an application.  After creating your application you must make a reservation in order to visit the Reserve.  Please be sure to look at the SCI Reserve Calendar before making your reservation to insure there are resources available for your visit.

After creating your application and reservation, contact Santa Cruz Island Reserve Director, Dr. Jay S. Reti to confirm that your application has been reviewed and approved for research.  If you have any questions during the application and reservation process, contact the Reserve Director for guidance.