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Side blotched lizard

The California Islands contain some of the most iconic landscapes in the state and are home to an array of species found nowhere else on the planet.  Biosecurity is vital to protect these habitats and resources from the detrimental effects of invasive species.  You can help protect the native species of Santa Cruz Island by following these guidelines;

All clothing, tools, equipment and supplies should be inspected and cleaned of plant propagules and soil prior to departure from the mainland or when moving between islands.  Special attention should be paid to velcro, footwear, pant cuffs, clothing seams, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, backpacks, duffels, tents, tool joints, chainsaws, towels, wetsuits, surfboard socks/bags/leash, and duct tape rolls.

Island users should recognize that recent exposure to invasive species on the mainland should trigger additional and more thorough inspection of gear and clothing.

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